About The AdventureDawgs

The AdventureDawgs are a pack of three (and a chauffeur).  We love to roam the open roads and find the hidden places that others might miss.

It all started with a road trip to visit my grandparents a few years ago.  It’s about 2000 kilometres to their cottage and it’s a drive that I can do in two days on my own.  The first time I made the trek, it had seemed so daring to go that far by myself and with (at the time) two dogs.  I know that I loved it and the dogs took to the road with no trouble.

It quickly became obvious that while there are places that tolerate dogs, not many really seem to welcome them.  Getting a hotel room could be a bit of a pain and finding a place to eat was challenging.

I came up with the AdventureDawgs concept during road trips in 2015.  There was so much work to find places where I could take them I thought that I would love to be out there sharing my tales from the road.  I want to be able to give other travellers tips and tricks, ideas for places to visit and others to maybe steer clear of.  And if it can be entertaining, then so much the better.

Can it be a lot of work travelling with dogs?  You bet.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely.  I can think of no one else that I would rather go adventuring with than with my Dawgs.

If you have any travel ideas of your own, please send them.  I’m always wondering where the road is going to take us next.


4 thoughts on “About The AdventureDawgs

  1. I used to travel with my dogs, but alas they are no longer with me. They even carried their own food and water on the trail when hiking/backpacking… them was the the dayz!

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