A Short Little Trip

With the heat wave continuing and showing no signs of breaking any time soon, there haven’t been much in the way of adventures.  Jack did have his own little (mis-) adventure but that doesn’t really count.  After getting antsy for a change of scenery, I threw the dogs in the car and we went to our local farmer’s market.  I have brought the dogs there before and for some of the regulars, they are like little celebrities.

Unfortunately when I parked the car, I noticed that several of the booths that I had been looking forward to were not there.  No bakery truck with fresh strudel, no coffee (???), and the lady that sells jams and jellies wasn’t there.  Even the woman that I buy my greens from wasn’t there.  Her husband was but she always visits with the dogs.

Oh well.  We were there and I was on something of a mission.  My sister-in-law has started making dog bandanas so I volunteered the dogs to be models.  Or would they be brand ambassadors?  It’s not official yet as she is still getting her sewing legs but considering that she just started less than a week ago, the bandanas looked great.

There wasn’t much in the way of traffic at the market so after buying strawberries and kale (the dogs sampled the strawberries to make sure they were ripe) we went to the pet store to get food for the boys.  It took me a second to figure out why Piper was whining in the back.  She’s normally not a vocal dog at all.  I clued in when we got into the parking lot and she was standing in her harness.  She is very good at recognizing locations.  Heck I can’t even drive near the vet without her getting excited.  She LOVES the vet.  Actually they all love the vet’s office but Piper is the only one that watches out the window.  Weird dogs.

And they love the pet store.  They always get lots of attention from the folks that work there.  And treats.  Tons of treats.  Sometimes as a joke, I take them to the wall o’ toys and tell them pick out something to take home.  I know people give me the “you’re crazy” look behind my back but you have to have fun somehow.

I was going to go back home but then an idea occurred to me and I made a quick U-turn.  For a second I had thought about stopping in town and wandering the pavement but then I had a better idea.

We went to Goodwood and stopped at Annina’s Bakeshop.  The last time we had been there was just after Piper’s vestibular episode, when I realized she was still able to travel. We had met a wonderful couple there.  Maybe part of me hoped they would be there again.  Or a friend of mine who rides crazy distances on his bike.

Annina’s Bakeshop in Goodwood.

Neither happened to be there but the gelato stand was up and running.  I eyed it intently then went inside to place my order: a coffee and the special of the day which happened to be prime rib on a bun.

I picked a table in the far corner of the lawn where we would be apart from everyone else and I enjoyed my coffee while the dogs had some water and shade.  I had expected my sandwich to just be some beef on a bun, maybe with a leaf of lettuce.  But it was so much more!  A soft bun with buttery slices of prime rib, horseradish aioli, crispy onions, and (get this) mashed potatoes!  I pulled off a few tiny little pieces of beef for the dogs but I destroyed that sandwich.  It must have been horrifying to watch.

The prime rib sandwich. You can just see Leo hovering under the table.

And then I could resist the siren call of the gelato no longer.  OK well I had to wait for a few more minutes because the dogs were getting some loving and compliments on their fashion sense.  The best part about this stand is that the owner doesn’t ask what you want; he just starts giving you samples.  I thought the last time it was because I was staring at the menu.  Nope.  He asked if I wanted gelato and when I said yes, little spoons with gelato kept being pushed into my hand.

I left with a small cup of the coconut gelato and I sat in the trunk of my car as I rationed out tiny little smears to the dogs.

Waiting for more coconutty goodness.

Today was a short adventure but one they enjoyed as they are now sprawled around me, the sound of snoring loud in the air.  Sometimes you need to have a local adventure to really appreciate where you live.

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