April 29, 2015
I didn’t set my alarm this morning since I’ve been up before it on every other day. Today of course is the day that I sleep in and miss breakfast at the motel. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the the motel.

Road Trip 2015-spring edition 409
What a nice place to enjoy breakfast.

We set out and ended up in Vermont in the Green Mountains. We stopped at the Big Moose Deli to grab a bit of food. I go inside and that’s when I see a sign saying the deli was closed. All the food they had on display was stuff that needed to be heated up. My heart san because so much of it looked so tasty and I had been looking forward to a good, old-fashioned deli sandwich.  I asked the man working behind the counter where I could stop to grab some food and he started giving me directions that involved a plaza with a Home Depot.  I told him I wasn’t eating at chain restaurants during the trip and he paused and I watched him looking for words.  “I’m screwed aren’t I?” I asked.  He nodded and then he handed me an oatmeal raisin cookie and told me to enjoy. Wow. So I bought a double chocolate whoopi pie for later since I felt weird about taking the cookie. It’s a fun place with all kinds of statues and souvenirs. When I brought the dogs out of the car for a stretch and some water Jack was quite taken by a statue of Elvis. Who knew he was a fan of The King? Or it could have been the giant hot dog right next to it. And he also was wagging his tail at the Blues Brothers. There’s a giant sasquatch in Vermillion Bay just past Thunder Bay in northern Ontario that Piper is terrified of.  A  statue of a bear holding skis? Oh please…. she didn’t even bat an eye.

We passed through Bennington which was such a lovely little town I could have stopped and wandered through there if the mountains weren’t calling to me. We stopped at the Brown Cow Cafe to grab a real cup of coffee and a yogurt granola parfait.

We did a bit of hiking in the mountains then stopped beside a river and had a snack. Of course how could I not share at least a little of my parfait?  Now I think of myself as a pretty decent tracker and can find trails that most people would walk right past.  And sometimes there is a degree of stubbornness that gets me into a bit of trouble; like when you hike through a section of forest that had been damaged, most likely by heavy snow.  Climb through brambles and over fallen trees?  No problem!  Leave some blood on said brambles and trees?  Even less.  Oops.

We left there and then started heading north towards Montreal. Now most of the time I found that I was good at following the directions given by locals. This time….well apparently either they told me the wrong highway or I remembered the wrong highway and we took an extremely scenic route out of the mountains.

By the time we got to the border it was quite late.  And it was at the border that I realized what a lousy gift bringer I was.  Maybe it just seemed worse during the conversation in my absolutely awful French:
“How much are you bringing back as gifts?”
“Like $100 bucks. Water bottles. Some chocolate. Ya I think that’s about it.”
“Any food or alcohol?”
“Ummmmmmm half a pizza and part of a bottle of Forty Creek.”  He looked at me and blinked a few times.  I looked right back and shrugged.  And that was how I got back over the border.  I finished the last of the pizza from Strasborg on the way to Montreal.

Long story short we didn’t get into Montreal until after 10:00 pm. And because it was so late the only non-chain restaurant open was pizza…of course.  
I’m kind of glad because it was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Shove a bunch down my throat and follow up with a double chocolate whoopi pie. Talk about ending the night right.

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