North Through The Catskills

April 28, 2015

The Hotel Strasburg was lovely and quaint and just like staying at grandma’s house if grandma was living in the house her mother was born in. A light breakfast and off we went. I asked about a place to get a good cup of coffee and was directed to a cafe around the corner. Aannnnnnnndddddd it was closed. No java for me.

Road Trip 2015-spring edition 403
You weren’t planning on coming back to bed were you?

Now when I planned my route each morning, a huge factor was the availability of rooms for that night.  I would have a general idea of the direction and then book a room that way. Cost was a big factor but there are a lot of places that don’t allow dogs.  At the end of this day, we ended up back in the Catskills.  We stopped at a farmer’s market and as much as I tried to get something healthy, let’s just say the chocolate cream pie was calling to me.

The trip on the road was pretty uneventful and we went for a hike in some of the same trails at the south that we hiked before though we stayed off the trails that required huge 
feats of athletic ability.  We had done those already so we took it easy.  We had gone south along the west side of the park but then started back north on the east side so we had a chance to see different places, including a portapotty that had a hole back in the back wall.

Road Trip 2015-spring edition 405
You weren’t planning on coming back to bed were you?

When we got to the Rodeway Inn, I will admit I was a bit apprehensive. It looked like another road motel but the room was nice and clean. The location had an amazing view, especially the breakfast bar. And I have two dogs taking up a huge portion of a king-sized bed. Just like being at home.

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