Homeward Bound

April 27, 2015

On our way home. The Days Inn had a continental breakfast so no waffle this morning. It made me sad.
Initially the plan had been to follow the coast back north but there were just so many CITIES in the way. It’s not that I don’t like visiting cities; it’s just when I have two dogs with me, cities are kind of boring.  I can’t browse in the shops and the three of us do tend to take up a lot of sidewalk space.  And it’s just not as much fun for them to be surrounded by concrete and glass buildings.  So I decided to stay away from the big cities.

As I looked at the roads north I thought “Not too many options away from the cities and we can go through Shenandoah Park and the Skyline Drive that I was robbed of during our trip south.  And my receipt was still good for admission.  How could we not go back? It’s only a five hour drive.”  But let me tell you friends: when the GPS says that it takes five hours to get somewhere, those will be the longest five hours of your life.  A pleasant surprise was the dog park we found at the visitor centre at The Halifax County Visitor Centre.  Although they were pretty bored of it pretty quickly so we were back on the road in no time it seemed.

Road Trip 2015-spring edition 309
These are the best places to stumble on.

On the plus side, we got to see all the sights that we missed because of the fog the last time through. Not only that, but even more deer and a bear with her two cubs ran across the road right in front of us.  Piper was beside herself with all the activity.  Even though they both wear harnesses in the car, she was practically climbing through the back window to see all the action.


Road Trip 2015-spring edition 379

We put in at the Hotel Strasburg for the night. It’s in the town of Strasburg at the north end of the park.  It is a small town that was pretty much closed by the time we rolled into town.  Even the hotel restaurant was closed.  With my no chain restaurant rule, I ended up eating a lot of pizza.  The hotel was small, basically a renovated Victorian-style house which was one step up from a B & B. It was small and quiet and we were asleep fairly quickly as I thought of what we were going to do tomorrow.


Road Trip 2015-spring edition 399
My room in the Hotel Strasburg

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