The Catskills

April 23, 2015

We survived the night in Albany but I can tell you it was an early start back on the road. With the Catskills in our future, we headed out after I fortified myself with a hastily assembled waffle sandwich, or as I have come to know them: a wafflewich. The man behind the counter looked a bit confused as I smeared peanut butter all over my waffles but in my head I’m like “I’m getting out of here before someone wants to wear my skin”. And to be honest it’s good and a very convenient way to start the day as you try to put some distance on the road.

Normally I walk the dogs as soon as we wake up but given our location, I held off for a bit and I’m glad that I did because we found the Greenport Conservation Area which gave us a great chance to stretch our legs.

We drove a little further until we got into the mountains proper.  Our first hike stop was just off the 23a and was some of the most treacherous and rugged terrain I had ever hiked. Most trail systems I’ve been on have clearly marked trails for safety and to avoid damage to the ecosystem. This bit was like “oh you want some mountains? Here you go. Good luck”. Who knew the bouldering I did last winter would actually have practical applications. It was a relatively short but intense hike through some absolutely gorgeous land and thanks to my superior tracking skills we emerged right where the car was. It occurred to me after we got back to the car that it wasn’t really a proper trail but one of those trails that lead off the road and then becomes an animal track.

Then we drove a little bit longer and stumbled on the find of the century!!! There on the outskirts of the town of Shandaken, was a dog park with an agility centre. Amazing. The dogs tore around there until a blizzard blew in so back in the car we went. 

After the snow stopped we found another trail and wandered through there for a bit.
With tired dogs dragging behind me we returned to the car and began the drive to Allentown Pennsylvania which is where our room for the night was booked.

The 209 took us most of the way and I have to admit it has been the prettiest road so far. I stopped at this little place called Cherrys Deli for a peanut butter sundae. I ate it before I even thought of a pic. Soooooooo goooooooood. I had a wonderful discussion with the young man working the counter.  He was maybe 16 years but surprisingly knowledgeable about politics.  We actually talked for quite some time about the Canadian healthcare system and how it compared to Obamacare and his wanting to move to Canada.  Not what I expected when I stopped.

A bit further down the road and I saw a sign that said gourmet cheese. Tell me: how do I not stop? I ended up with a container of chicken matzo soup for dinner tonight and some local Brie and a fiery pepperoni that I’m going to save for a picnic.

We spent the night at The View Inn. After last night it was been a beacon of clean and comfort. All in all a fabulous day on the road.

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