First an introduction

Who are the AdventureDawgs?  Quite simply it is my way of combining three things I love the most: my dogs, travelling, and food.  Road trips have almost become extinct which is quite sad when you think about it.  Sure you fly somewhere and you have a bit more time to explore, but what about the journey?  What ever happened to watching the world change all around you?  To stopping when you want to where you want to even if you have only been on the road for an hour?  To finding a little diner that only the locals know about because you actually (gasp) talked to them?

I’m lucky that my dogs love to travel as much as I do, whether it’s a short drive down the road to hit some trails or a multi-week cross country trek.

And so without further ado, allow me to introduce the real stars of these tales:

Jack is a ten year-old Boston Terrier-Pug cross.  He used to belong to my brother but when he had his boys he didn’t have as much time for Jack.  So I took him.  I knew he and Piper got along so there would be no problems there.  He is definitely a big dog trapped in a little dog body.  I’m not sure if that’s the Pug or the Boston or super-sized because of both.  And while he may look a little, shall we say portly, he is surprisingly athletic and can hike mountains all day long.  Of course he’s also happy to sit in front of the fire all day long too.

Piper is almost six years old now.  I’ve had her since she was a tiny seven week old puppy.  I tell people that she picked me and they laugh that indulgent laugh and think I’m just weird.  When I went to meet Piper’s litter, she and six of her litter mates were running around in a yard.  Piper would play and then come and visit me.  I scratched her and then ignored her.  She would go and play and sniff and then come back to hang out with me.  Then she left again and I said to myself “if she comes back again I’m taking a puppy home”.  Sure enough, back she came and then home we went.

Leo is the most recent addition to the pack and his joining was unexpected to say the least.  His owner had passed away and the family was not able to take him.  I looked at that little shivering body and could not let him go to a shelter so I offered to take him.  The plan was just to hang onto him so the family could find someone.  I mean, here’s this dog I’ve never met.  I have no history on him besides the fact that he’s a three year-old Boston Terrier, no way of knowing how he would behave with other dogs or cats (oh yeah I have three of those too), nothing.  He was asleep in my car in no time flat and when I walked him into the house, Piper and Jack came to meet me at the door.  There was the obligatory sniffs and such and that was it.  It was like “Oh hi new guy.  So here is the water bowls and the couch is over here and there’s plenty of space on the bed which is this way”.  A short time later the family got in touch with me and said they couldn’t take Leo back.  I’m not embarrassed to say that I was thrilled.  I would have really missed the little monster.  He is truly the pesky little brother.

And me?  Well let’s just call it what it is: I’m the chauffeur, financier, and chef.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, the real fun can begin.

Jack looking for treats
Leo trying to look innocent
Piper looking majestic

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